Lee Dubé | About the Author

Lee Dubé | About the Author
Lee Dubé is our Vice President of Engineering & Support responsible for leading new product innovations, overseeing our Engineering development and Technical Support service teams. With a strong hands-on customer centric mindset, he drives all stages of the product development life cycle with a fanatical emphasis on the customer. Lee focuses on continuous process improvement initiatives, collaborating with stakeholders on projects that will enhance the Company’s global service and support efforts. He guides the vision, design requirements, and implementation of long-term strategies that support the business and deliver a consistent user experience. He has an accomplished background in transformative organizational change building cross functional environments using a contemporary approach. His expertise includes diverse experience in high tech software, fault tolerant hardware, clinical data collection, and enterprise SaaS solutions. Lee also has extensive knowledge of large end-to-end communication systems, technology trends, best practices, industry code and compliance standards. He is an active member of the NFPA 72 Supervising Station Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems Technical Committee.

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Hybrid FAQ

Posted by Lee Dubé | About the Author on Jun 7, 2019 1:34:27 PM


A common question frequently asked about the new AES 7177 Hybrid 2.0 Fire Subscriber is, 'Where in the network can the Hybrid unit be placed?'.  

AES Mesh Radio Network

The Importance of the Routing Table

As long as another IP Link or Hybrid make it onto the Hybrid's routing table, the unit will be satisfied.  However, if there are no IP Links or Hybrids listed in the routing table then the unit will produce a Redundant Mesh (RM) Fault meaning it does not have peer in its routing table at a similar or lower Link Layer than that of the unit itself (Link Layer 0).  The unit does this to always ensure it can serve as a RF repeating peer to other dependent Subscribers.  

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Best Practices Guideline

Posted by Lee Dubé | About the Author on Jan 14, 2019 1:40:00 PM


Please note, this blog post is offered for reference only to be used as a general guideline for
networks utilizing the 7705i MultiNet Receiver (similar guidelines are being developed for next generation 7705ii MultiNet Receiver networks). Not all networks are the same, each private network has a different set of variables and unique configuration. Field Technicians and Installers should always seek appropriate advice from a member of the AES Support team if they have a question or need assistance.


Based on Our Experience



The capacity of Subscribers supported by a set of IP Links or Hybrid Subscribers when establishing a network will be up to 1,200 Subscribers. Actual capacity may be higher or lower depending on geography, environmental factors, deployment strategies (frequency of Check-Ins, Time-to-Live settings, etc.), and quality of installations. 

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Show Us Your Install Photo Contest

Posted by Lee Dubé | About the Author on Nov 5, 2018 4:45:56 PM


Congratulations to the 3 Winners!

1st Prize, $500 Amazon Gift Card 
Michael Pappas/Guardian Alarm of Florida, LLC

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2 Important Steps for Maintaining Your Network

Posted by Lee Dubé | About the Author on Oct 31, 2018 4:33:57 PM


Our Technical Support team has created two log sheets to help your organization track information related to your AES installations.

 1.     Track Your AES Installations Routinely

Keeping track of your AES installations is a very important step as part of maintaining your network.  Over time, people's memories fade and details of an installation are forgotten.  This Installation Log will help capture important details of the installation, it should be kept on file in either written or electronic form in a format that is easily accessible.  Start using this form created by AES today to routinely track information about your new installations, simply hover cursor over image below and click on hyperlink to download.  

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