2 Important Steps for Maintaining Your Network

Posted by Lee Dubé | About the Author on Oct 31, 2018 4:33:57 PM
Lee Dubé | About the Author


Our Technical Support team has created two log sheets to help your organization track information related to your AES installations.

 1.     Track Your AES Installations Routinely

Keeping track of your AES installations is a very important step as part of maintaining your network.  Over time, people's memories fade and details of an installation are forgotten.  This Installation Log will help capture important details of the installation, it should be kept on file in either written or electronic form in a format that is easily accessible.  Start using this form created by AES today to routinely track information about your new installations, simply hover cursor over image below and click on hyperlink to download.  




2.    Perform Annual Inspections

Scheduled annual inspections are another important part of maintaining your network.  These yearly inspections should be part of your preventative maintenance program.  This Inspection Log will not only help to capture installation information from the site that may not have been recorded during the install, but will also guide the field technician through the inspection.  Similar to the Installation Log, information from the Inspection Log should also be kept on file in a format that is readily accessible.  



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