As an AES dealer, you can own your own alarm communications network. In addition to full visibility and control, this also gives you the ability to brand and market your secure, private wireless mesh network how and whenever you want.

Learn more about branding your future network from our latest network branding tip sheet today. 

Network Branding (1)

This tip sheet offers applicable tips for branding your alarm communications network, including:

  • Naming Your Network
  • Positioning Your Network
  • Marketing Your Network

Perks You Can Always Rely On

network visibility-01

Full Network Visibility

Our Network Management System (NMS) allows immediate access to vital network performance data, making it easy to see and manage your network.

superior tech support-01

Superior Support

Whether you’re dealing with a complicated install or a network emergency, our service team is here for you by phone, online live chat, or video call.

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Private Networks

Minimal reliance on public service providers and no cellular sunsets means greater network reliability and more money back in your pocket.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is AES different from cellular?

Mesh radio technology is the communications platform you can rely on.  While other traditional methods fail during increased instances of widely reported outages, AES Radio signals keep daily operations running at peak performance. 

With AES private networks, owners and operators have control of services end-to-end without reliance on public service providers. Critical event signals are delivered with the quickest response time in just 1-3 seconds compared to Internet, Telephone and Cellular that can take up to 45 seconds.  With AES Radio there’s no cabling, no trenching, no wiring, and no towers.

AES technology is proven to withstand even the most challenging conditions, such as:

  • 2017 Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma
  • 2014 Mexico earthquake
  • 2012 Superstorm Sandy
  • 2008 New England and upstate New York ice storms
  • 2007 California wildfires
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina

Our products are developed with AES Best Practices top of mind and are rigorously tested to meet
NFPA Code Compliance and UL/ULC Listings.  View our Fire Marshal Resources web page to access our AHJ Resource Guide and Compliance Overview brochure with links to official listings.

Engineered for multiple monitoring applications, AES Radio helps alarm dealers, contract central stations, and installers grow their business. 

Why do AES customers "stick"?

AES providers find the churn of their customers to be lower than cellular and internet accounts. This is due to the absence of sunsetting and continuous implementation of network updates. To learn more about this, and other AES benefits like the ability to brand and sell your own private mesh network, subscribe to our newsletter today!

What do I need to get started?

There are multiple routes you can take to become an AES provider. If you want to start your own network, you can check out our online resources here:

For dealers who are not ready to start their own networks, they can check out providers in their area with networks already in place. To see providers in your area visit our Contract Central Stations page today!