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Posted by Bill Kieckhafer | About the Author on May 24, 2016 3:31:11 PM
Bill Kieckhafer | About the Author

These five reasons help explain why what you get from AES is much more than what comes in the box. 

The life safety market demands high reliability and efficient systems. AES Corporation is a manufacturer of global alarm communication products and services, specializing in security solutions that help alarm dealers and installers increase their Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). We invest a significant amount of company resources on Dealer Support capabilities that supplement the product delivered to your loading dock. 


1. Pre-Installation Support 

Whether you’re building a new network from the ground up or expanding your existing network, the AES team of alarm industry experts are here to help take out the guesswork every step of the way. Our enhanced AES-IntelliStart bundled service is your complete network start-up solution, designed to help you boost maximum network operation for peak performance. 

AES offers both a Central Station Starter Network package and an IP Link Starter package. Build your own private network using AES-IntelliNet® patented mesh radio technology without reliance on public service providers, giving you complete control of your operations end-to-end.

2. End User Marketing Toolkit

AES has developed a comprehensive Dealer Marketing Toolkit to help you grow your alarm monitoring business.  This additional dealer resource was designed to be a dedicated place for accessing marketing tools in one location.  Many new end user collateral pieces were created and are available for download in your choice of either AES branded or customizable versions.  Choose from the brochure, datasheet, direct mail, and HTML email templates or download any one of our poster size files of print ads. Add a graphic web banner to your company website or use the pre-populated presentation template.  Registering for access to the Dealer Marketing Toolkit is easy, just click here:

Register Now!

3. Product Upgrades & Network Management Tools

AES has devoted a great deal of Engineering resources toward the development and design of
product upgrades and tools to help you gain reliability. Our NMS 2.0 helps network owners and operators monitor their networks in real-time, providing immediate access to vital performance data via Intelligent Dashboards. If a critical event occurs, management can quickly mitigate the situation. This powerful tool enables efficient and profitable network expansion, assuring the lowest cost to maintain the highest quality network with optimum functionality. 

A Look Back

In 2015, we delivered 7275 AES-Network Management System (NMS) V2.0 enhancements, Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, Alarm Automation (AA) solution, 7795 AES-IntelliPro Fire, a newly redesigned website, and Sales & Support field expansion.

What’s New in 2016?

This year, we delivered AES-MultiNet & IP Link releases, enhanced AES-IntelliStart service, and the 7788F-ULP-P Fire Subscriber with AES-IntelliPro & Local Annunciator. We also partnered with Potter Electric Signal Co. to engineer the new 7706-ULF Integrated Fire Monitoring System specifically for small to mid-size fire protection applications.

Looking Forward

We’re expanding our capabilities to an even higher level with more tools to help you gain more end users. We’re working on development of 2017 products and services and we look forward to sharing details with you in the months to come as we roll out our product roadmap initiatives. 

4. Technical Support & Training

AES Corporation is committed to providing world class technical support and customer service excellence. Our AES Technical Support team is focused on being more than just another support organization.  Our team of support professionals are dedicated to partnering with you as trusted advisors you can lean on, whether you have a simple question you need answered quickly or you’re looking for advanced services above and beyond standard support. Our Support team is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm EST and 24/7 for emergency IP Link and AES-MultiNet Receiver down situations.  You can reach us by whatever method works for you:
Online at ‘’, Telephone at (866) 237-3693, or Email at

AES was awarded a Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) state grant in 2015, allowing the company to invest even more in extensive training sessions for all employees. The company has also adopted the Lean Six Sigma methodology to maximize efficiency and drive ongoing continuous process improvement. Our goal is to better serve your needs and make doing business with AES easier than ever before.

We launched AES Training Academy to provide a Return on Learning (ROL) and give you many options to receive professional technical training, ranging from monthly Live training sessions held at our corporate headquarters to scheduled Onsite or Regional product training sessions. We offer remote Webinars and add to our training Video library regularly. AES also offers professional Network Planning and Site Certification services. Using our best practices and learning more about mesh networking, subscribers, antennas, and basic RF theory is knowledge attendees can transfer throughout your organization. 

5. RMR Protection

The security industry is feeling the impact of obsoleting communications technology and the landscape is changing rapidly.  You can act now to protect your RMR by converting your alarm communications technology to wireless mesh radio and avoid the expense of allocating resources to replace sunsetting technologies.  Avoid service activation and monthly fees along with costly truck rolls and labor intensive upgrades of traditional methods that repeatedly tie up your technicians, operators, and equipment availability. 

The FCC established a sunset clause for Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) cellular network in 2008, having a significant impact on the alarm monitoring industry. AlarmNet-A is now discontinued, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) is on the way out, and 2G cellular will sunset later this year. Over the past couple of years, there’s been a trend of residences relying on wireless communications in lieu of landlines. Copper to fiber conversions are currently an ongoing issue for signal transmission and call completion. 

With AES-IntelliNet technology, there are no sunsets. Ever. 

Take advantage of the highest RMR profit potential.

Choose AES and add to your bottom line with a sizable recurring revenue stream,
no third party fees, and zero risk of technology sunset.

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