Extend and Strengthen Your Network

Posted by AES Team on Nov 12, 2020 12:38:08 PM

The Health of Your Network Matters

If you use AES technology for your business, you understand that the health of your network means everything to your customers. In fact, it could mean the difference between saving a building and saving a life. Here at AES, we know that too – and that’s why we created the new Hybrid Subscriber to help you strengthen and expand your network anywhere. 


In this post you will learn about AES’s 7177 Hybrid 2.0 Subscriber and how it is the perfect cost-effective solution for:

  • Improving the health of your existing network(s)
  • Starting a new network where there is no radio frequency (RF)
  • Bridging weak spots in your network caused by geographical conditions

 Your network is only as good as its health. Strengthen your grid with the dual functioning Hybrid Subscriber.

Expand and Strengthen Your Existing Network

The Hybrid Subscriber acts as both a communicator and an RF signal collector from other communicators within your network. Because the Hybrid contains a built-in IP link, it can send outbound communication directly through the internet to your central monitoring station. This reduces the number of peer subscribers a signal must travel through, ultimately resulting in less congestion and faster transmission speeds.

In addition to a more direct line of communication, the dual functionality of the Hybrid can enable you to expand your network’s range in a timely and cost-effective manner. By placing a Hybrid Subscriber on the edge of your existing system, you can create a wide range of potential for communications between additional networks in your area.

Additional Resources for Strengthening Your AES IntelliNet Network

Recently, we wrote a post that describes in detail how to maintain your network- an essential element to securing the health of your network. In essence, having a regular maintenance schedule for your subscribers, IP links and other equipment to ensure everything is operating properly and at full capacity. We even provide recommended schedules. If you have not read it, we recommend checking it out.

Start a New Network Anywhere

If you already operate AES-IntelliNet in any of your existing locations, you understand the value of owning and running your own private wireless mesh network. In fact, many of our partners tout that the benefits of owning their own networks include:

  • Elimination of monthly cellular fees and sunset replacements
  • The ability to expand new territories without reliance on other networks
  • Monitoring all systems without 3rd party dependence
  • Personalizing network brand, gaining edge on competitors

However, did you also know that the Hybrid Subscriber makes establishing a new network easier than ever before? In fact, you can begin expanding a new network with as little as two Hybrid Subscribers. Now you can easily have complete visibility and control over your alarm monitoring networks. Request pricing information online today!

Reduce Local Radio Frequency Congestion

Overworked subscribers and networks stretched too thin are not the only contributing factors of weakened grids. Geographical interferences can also impair the effectiveness of communication between boxes and IP Links. With the Hybrid Subscriber’s dual functionality, range for communicating radio frequency is increased and strengthened. Essentially, the Hybrid Subscriber ensures that geographical barriers are not as strong as your network’s capabilities.

Next Steps

If you have any specific questions about how to increase the health of your network, including the purchase and/or installation of the Hybrid Subscriber, do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below or via email at marketing@aes-corp.com.

No matter what the solution, we can work with you to ensure your network is healthy and operating at maximum capacity. And healthy network means more stability for you and safety for your valued customers.